why this?

"Please, put your clothes on!" 

I say this line at least 3 times a day, my 6 year old son loves to be naked - and who wouldn’t, what a liberating feeling. As I thought about sharing our families stories, I realized this line resonates on a deeper level. Shedding the clothing of our picture perfect, Instagram worthy lives to be vulnerable, honest, unashamed, and unapologetically authentic. 

While it is necessary to be physically clothed so we can go to places like the grocery, school and Target, I hope to be “naked” in sharing these experiences. Experiences of motherhood. Times that have made us laugh, cry, scream and wonder “what the hell am I doing?” Sharing experiences and stories in navigating friendships and marriages and work... sharing life in hopes to lift a spirit, crack a smile, have a good cry, say "me too", say "not me", and celebrate that we are all in this together! I hope we can share our stories. 

Stories of joy and hope, of loss and isolation... stories of kids and spouses and work and friendship. I have found and I truly believe that we are stronger together. So here I am, sharing my stories with you. Will you join me? Interested in sharing? Email me to post your story so we can laugh or cry, share a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and say together “we got this, and we are here.” 

Let’s be unapologetically authentic. 

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