about me

hi. thanks for joining me. my name is nattie meador and i am a wife, mother of 3, daughter, sister, and friend.

my husband, chris, and i met in college - we both attended indiana university (where i now work). after graduation, we got married, moved to the east coast and started our life together. a few jobs later, we found ourselves back in our home state of indiana.

fast forward 11 years and we now live in our college town - bloomington, indiana - with our three kids. william reid was born in january of 2013. some 5 years later, a positive pregnancy test and to our surprise, we welcomed our twins - henry and margaret - in may of 2018.

our life is organized chaos, much like a circus. a constant juggling act of kids, marriage, work, and "finding time for yourself". some days are easy and some days are hard. most days we high-five each other at 7pm when we get all the kids upstairs and we plop down on the couch with a sigh of "we did it".

by sharing our everyday circus, i find strength and hope and joy in knowing we are all in this together. so, thanks for being vulnerable and honest and willing to come along for the ride. ..................


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